12 Blogs and Emails

12 Blogs and Emails Bundle

Want to get a whole mess of blogs and emails off your plate? We'd love to help! This bundle can take you through the next three months or the whole year, depending on how often you put out new blogs and emails. 


This is a big discount of more than 25% off what it would cost to purchase these one at a time. You still get the same easy-to-use submission process, all our Content Creation System resources, and care and attention from our Copy Brewers team.


It's here to help you in whatever way is can grab the batch now and save the credits to space out as you need them or you can submit all the content briefs in one big batch and let us get them ready for you soon.


Bonus! You'll get a free 1-on-1 strategy call with Christen to map out the 12 topics! ($295 value)

19 February 2024

Word Count: Blogs up to about 700 words, emails up to 150 words.

Turnaround: 3-5 days on blogs, emails will be ready when the blogs are. If you submit all at once, the submissions will be worked through in order.


Note: Blogs and emails must be completed within 18 months of purchase.

Price: $2795

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