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When you've put all that effort into an offer and you're ready to bring in the sales, you don't want the words on the page to fall short. Sales copy is unique. It needs to connect and expand in different ways than your everyday blog post or email message. 


It's worth getting right. Sure, there's a form and a science to it...but it should also be fully "you" when it's done.


Let our team ask you the right questions and put things together in a way that balances those tested methods with the uniqueness and authenticity of real connection and storytelling. You'll be able to spend your time building up the buzz for when your sales page is ready for the world.


Bonuses: Our sales page offer comes with a bonus revision at no cost, giving three revisions total. Plus, we'll give your finished sales page a full Sales Page Review when you're done! (Value $225)

20 February 2024

Length: Base of 700 words (longer variations available)

Turnaround: 2-3 weeks for the strategy through the rough draft

Variations by Length:

  • 700 words - $855
  • 701-1400 - $1450
  • 1401-2100 - $1925

Price: $855+

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